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What is Object Based Media?

Well, that's a Big Story; Much larger than Lord of the Rings, as the applied uses are limited only by Human Imagination, and the future of OBM based Media Programming and Interactive Immersive Experiences between publisher and consumer, is about to change the way we Interface with our world, and even Influence the Industries involved in the ITOT (Internet of Things), who will be coming up with both software and hardware solutions, with interactive Object based Media Functionality, and the only question is how will the final popular interfacing method be? Augmented Reality? VR? AR Contact Lenses? Traditional Touchscreens? Voice Control and Holographic Projection? Who knows what devices future Geniuses will dream Up using the Magic of OBM?

Above, BBC Click's 1000th episode explains some of the uses of OBM and its role in the Future of Movies, Television, Tutorials, Interactive Content Creation, Music, and other applied uses and importance of OBM

Below, Michael Bove, Principal research Scientist at MIT Media Laboratory, talks about the various facets of the advent of OBM in conjunction with Interactive Object Based Media Creation and Consumption. Robotics, Media Consumption, Online Classrooms, Computer Vision, 3D Printing, Engineering, Gesture Interfacing, Fabrication, Holography, Bioengineering, Medicine, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Sensors, Human-Machine-Interaction....

OBM Applications for the Future Human

One currently available software for making interactive object based media in various formats is Active presenter;

Using object templates to Create Interactive Object Based Media Content

Object Based Media, or, OBM for short, is a new approach to developing applied uses for software and hardware to immerse us in much more interactive experiences with ambient sensations, and a sensation of interaction with one's environment, consumes media, or with the content one consumes. The applied uses of OBM Technology and Programming is being introduced into hundreds of Industries, ranging from Multimedia and Gaming Industry, to Television and other kinds of Image Projection Industries, as well as the Advertising Industry, with the advent of OBM based interactive Multimedia for Movies, Music, Tutorials, Ambient Sensory Incrementation through Infinity by Nine Technology and Augmented Reality, and the future of Content Creation, Multimedia Consumption, Interactive Gaming and Movie Viewing, and other applied uses such as Holographic Advertising with projectors or Augmented reality A.,I. Based Holo-Ads

What are all the applied uses of Object Based Media?

Object Based Audio

OBM Audio

Immersive Content Project (MIT Labs Project)


The Below Video was the result of a collaboration between By Daniel Novay, and Michael Bothe Jr. of the object based media group of the MIT Media Lab, which is experimenting with multiple possibilities of the applied usage of OBM (Object Based Media), in storytelling, tutorials, projection of atmospherically enhanced, and interactive multi-media, and hardware and software applications that enhance the sensory experience when consuming information, making the user and the interface melt together, become one, and disappear. The Viewer, Listener, or Consumer of Content (e.g. Augmented Reality Interactive Object Based Media Content, or Holographic VR Multi-Media).

Device Development

Making Sensors using Microfabrication at MIT in the Clean Room