Infinity by Nine

Transcribed by OBM Labs CEO Ajarn Spencer Littlewood, from a video published on Youtube by M.I.T.
The Video was the result of a collaboration between By Daniel Novay, and Michael Bothe Jr. of the object based media group of the MIT Media Lab, which is experimenting with multiple possibilities of the applied usage of OBM (Object Based Media), in storytelling, tutorials, projection of atmosphericall;y enhanced and interactive multi-media, and hardware and software applications that enhance the sensory experience when consuming information, making the user and the interface melt together, become one, and disappear. The Viewer, Listener, or Consumer of Content (e.g. Augmented Reality Interactive Object Based Media Content, or Holographic VR Multi-Media).

"Infinity by By 9, enhances the immersiveness of the viewing experience for ordinary video, by taking advantage of reduced sensitivity to detail, in Human peripheral vision. The system uses optical flow tracking, color analysis, and pattern aware outpainting algorithms, to create a synthetic like field, and project it on to walls, ceilings, or services within the viewer's peripheral awareness."

"Users perceive the Scene Consistent low resolution color and light, and movement patterns, as a seamless extension of the primary comtent
infinity by nine, uses open source computer vision tool kits,
to analyse video on a per frame basis."

"It detects scene changes, based on pixel position, and velocity, as well as luminance and pattern aware histograms. then, it outpaints color samples from the main screen, onto the side screen, with ceiling mounting projectors."

"Finally, it synchronizes the camera motion, so that the user's brain, interprets the color and movement pattens on the side panels, as a natural extension, of the main content."

"While superficially, similar systems exist, none of themAre aimed at creating a spatialy three dimensional creative experience, in a computationally efficient way."

"Infinity-By-Nine, processes video in realtime, On consumer level hardware, with commonly available GPUs. It minimizes rendering time, and enhances the experiences of existing movies sports and cooking shows, and other visual content."

"Viewers, reports that immersion in the synthetic field, adds to their sense of inclusion in the story universe which suggest, that expanding the technology from the home theater, to the full cinema experience, Will create a deep feeling of narrative participation."

"Some music reports in Synthetic affects, reporting that they can feel the heat gnerated from onscreen explosions. The opportunity also arises, to ask how Custom content, created specifically for this system, could work?"

"In it's current form, Infinity by nine, enhances the television viewing experience. It could easily be expanded to computer gaming, interface design, security applications, telepresence, or any other environment in which, the user typically concentrates on the central area, but requires peripheral awareness of additional information."

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