Object based Audio

Object Based Media for Interactive Personalized Scalable & Immersive Content. Multilingual Content, Interactivity feature development, Sound and Music will never be the same again with OBM based enhancements.


Object Based Audio offers many new active features for the enduser, which can be tested wit the ORPHEUS APP, to test the Binaural Feture, Vary the length of a programme, and make speech or dialogue louder or quieter, as individual audio objects, whose positions during the recording, are encoded and reproduced, when they are emitted through whatever UI one might listen to sound through, especially audio broadcasts. It is a Gamechanger for radio to allow them to compete with all the Podcasters and smaller audio services, and means that channels like BBC Radio are not Doomed, rather, have a Bright new Future Ahead of them.

The BBC, BCOM, and Frauenhofer, produced a showcase radio drama, with 3 characters, where the listener can hear the drama from the perspective of any of the three characters. The Drama is called 'The Mermaids Tears'

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